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204What is port @>E000 etc. for?

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  • spirantho
    Apr 2, 2003
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      Hi everybody,

      I`m running my early version of a Tutor emulator and looking at what
      the ROM is doing - I need to trap the graphics calls etc. of course
      and to do that I`m looking at where it's writing in the memory map.

      The http://www.floodgap.com/retrobits/tomy/hardware.html page says
      that it uses page >8C00/>8C02 but I can`t find any reference to this
      in my disassembly of the ROM, and the emulator appears happy to write
      to location >E000 and >E002, as well as >EE20/60/A0/E0.

      Is the document definitely right? Should I map my TMS9918ANL to the
      >8C00/>8C02 port combo do you reckon? There's possible CPU bugs all
      over the place as I had to write the disassembler and the CPU core
      myself (the CPU is about 60% done!), so I may be wrong, but it all
      seems correct.


      Ian Gledhill

      IanG@... avatar@...
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