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202[Tomy Tutor ] Re: Tomy Tutor emulator...

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  • emucompboy
    Mar 16, 2003
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      > > Tell me about it! I wanted to write an emulator the Tomy Tutor,
      > > I stopped to do a couple of other computers to practice. Then,
      > > try to write the Tomy Tutor emulator, then stop and do some more
      > > practice. I am a real failure. See my website for proof:
      > >
      > > www.geocities.com/emucompboy
      > Yeah, man, total failure! Why, you haven't released *anything* at
      all! ;-)

      See, each emulator on my website represents a failure to make a Tomy
      Tutor emulator.

      Not only that, but my current generation of Triops are all stunted :(
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