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  • emucompboy
    Mar 14, 2003
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      > I've just joined this group - seems like it may be quite low

      We're here, but lurking!

      > I`d
      > like to get my hands dirty with a machine that nobody else has ever
      > emulated - enter Mr. Tomy Tutor.

      Me too!

      > I figure part of the work is already done - MESS is open source and
      > emulates the TMS9995 more or less - shouldn`t take too much
      > and if I can`t use that, or, indeed, if I feel like it, I`ll write
      > own CPU emulation like I did for the Z80.

      The MESS people changed memory access for their CPUs, so now I have
      no clue about how to use their new code :( Good luck!

      > 1) Is anyone else working on a TT emulator? (I know about Tutti and
      > I`ll probably give that a try on my C64 this weekend! I mean a real
      > emulator though, not a simulator.)

      I've tried, and failed, 'cause I don't know how to interface the new
      MESS CPU with my stuff, and I just don't know enough about the TMS
      microprocessors to know how it should be behavin' anyway.

      > 2) Has anyone ever dumped the BASIC ROM? I don`t have an EPROM
      > so I can`t read the ROM easily myself, though I might try and get
      > of one on eBay (a C64 one should do the trick and be cheap enough -
      > can read C64 disks on my Amiga)

      Someone did...

      > 3) Are there any ROM images of games? Games are obviously the best
      > thing to test the emulator with once the BASIC is working.

      There were some on the TI group at one time, but they were in some
      kind of archived format that isn't standard DOS/Windows.

      > 4) Am I correct in thinking that Tutor BASIC has *no* access
      > whatsoever to machine code or the ROM in general? This would make
      > dumping the ROM a lot easier as if I can save the ROM out from
      > (or from a machine code program called from BASIC) I can reverse
      > engineer the tape signal.

      Correct. No access whatsoever.

      O' course I could be wrong. I thought that there was no access
      whatsoever to the Gameboy Advance OS ROM, but someone figured out how
      to get that.

      > long
      > term project!

      Tell me about it! I wanted to write an emulator the Tomy Tutor, but
      I stopped to do a couple of other computers to practice. Then, I'd
      try to write the Tomy Tutor emulator, then stop and do some more
      practice. I am a real failure. See my website for proof:


      Anyways, write me (so I can get your e-mail address) and I'll try to
      dig up those ROMs which someone else dumped. No guarantee about
      their quality.

      emucompboy ATEFFSPAM yahoo DOTEFFSPAM c_o_m
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