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  • spirantho
    Mar 14, 2003
      Hi everybody,

      I've just joined this group - seems like it may be quite low traffic!
      Not to worry, though - I've just bagged me a slightly tatty Tomy Tutor
      which apparently works for $25! Shame I had to pay $35 postage...
      (airmail to UK).

      As it happens my ZX Spectrum emulator is getting pretty near complete,
      so I`ll be looking to start playing with another machine soon, and I`d
      like to get my hands dirty with a machine that nobody else has ever
      emulated - enter Mr. Tomy Tutor.

      I figure part of the work is already done - MESS is open source and
      emulates the TMS9995 more or less - shouldn`t take too much tweaking..
      and if I can`t use that, or, indeed, if I feel like it, I`ll write my
      own CPU emulation like I did for the Z80.

      This is the point at which I need some help, though. I know how the
      TI99 machines work reasonably well, so I can make a reasonable start,
      but I`m missing some information:

      1) Is anyone else working on a TT emulator? (I know about Tutti and
      I`ll probably give that a try on my C64 this weekend! I mean a real
      emulator though, not a simulator.)

      2) Has anyone ever dumped the BASIC ROM? I don`t have an EPROM burner
      so I can`t read the ROM easily myself, though I might try and get hold
      of one on eBay (a C64 one should do the trick and be cheap enough - I
      can read C64 disks on my Amiga)

      3) Are there any ROM images of games? Games are obviously the best
      thing to test the emulator with once the BASIC is working.

      4) Am I correct in thinking that Tutor BASIC has *no* access
      whatsoever to machine code or the ROM in general? This would make
      dumping the ROM a lot easier as if I can save the ROM out from BASIC
      (or from a machine code program called from BASIC) I can reverse
      engineer the tape signal.

      I`m sure I`ll think of other things but that'll do for now.... if
      anyone can help I`ll appreciate it, especially number 2 - I can`t even
      start properly until I have the ROM. Oh, and I`m not promising
      anything as I tend to be busy these days, so it could well be a long
      term project!

      Thanks for any help,

      Ian Gledhill

      IanG@... IanG@...

      www.retroreview.com -- the new mag for old computers!
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