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192Updates to the Little Orphan page

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  • Cameron Kaiser
    Jan 20, 2003
      Updates have (finally) been made to the Little Orphan Tomy Tutor site.
      Here are the new changes:

      * Tutti, the Tomy Tutor 'emulator' ('simulator') for the Commodore
      64, is now upgraded to 0.3 with the beginnings of GBASIC
      support and a large number of bug fixes.
      * Type-in programs are now available, from simple educational
      examples to crazy hacks (tip of the hat to the Wizard
      * An exhaustive (?) GBASIC reference is now available, with a
      description of keywords and MONitor commands.
      * A new page, in progress, comparing the Texas Instruments series
      with the Tutor is now available.
      * A new front page tracks modification dates on files for easier
      * Additional technical notes on the 9918A(NL) on the hardware page.
      * Updates to the programming page to include GBASIC comparisons.
      * Custodial updates to the cartridge list, the Pyuuta page, and
      various link corrections.

      As always, the site is located at


      Please mail me with corrections and comments.

      ----------------------------- personal page: http://www.armory.com/~spectre/ --
      Cameron Kaiser, Point Loma Nazarene University * ckaiser@...
      -- Business is war. -- Jack Tramiel -------------------------------------------
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