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188[Tomy Tutor ] Re: Our computer debate . :)

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  • emucompboy
    Jan 5, 2003
      Ultima Online.

      Ultima Online is, in many ways, the best of the large online RPGs,
      despite its age -- more than five years now.

      One thing Ultima Online does is to allow people to choose their own
      names, and it will allow multiple people to select the same name.

      My profession in-game was "animal tamer." I still tame animals,
      although I spend more time with my existing pets -- more "animal
      handler" than tamer these days, due to changes in the game.

      So, I call myself "James the Animal Tamer" to distinguish myself from
      the score or so of other Jameses I've met. (The "character search"
      shows 30 Jameses).

      If you want to see what I'm wearing today, you can find it here:


      --- In tomytutor@yahoogroups.com, "David S. Brain" <dsbrain@n...>
      > No, my knickname at work is well known, but if I said what it was,
      > that'd be telling! (and would be way to much information)
      > BTW, where'd you come up with "the animal tamer"? Is it from your
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