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179Re: [Tomy Tutor ] My new website

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  • Jeff White
    Dec 30, 2002
      "Cameron Kaiser" <spectre@...> wrote:
      > Also working on a comparison architecture between the TI series and the
      > (hey, does anyone know if the 9995 in the 99/2 and 99/8 is also muxed?),
      > updating all the old information, and I might work on a Tutor-ial page for
      > getting started with the Tutor, GRAPHICs mode, etc.

      The 9995 muxes the databus always. The 9995 is the indirect descendant of
      the 9985 that was supposed to be in the 99/4 -- which instead got a 9900
      kludged to work similarly to the 9985. The 99/8 uses a special version of
      the 9995 that disables most of the on-chip RAM. Not sure about the 99/2.

      Jeff White
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