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173Re: [Tomy Tutor ] My new website

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  • David S. Brain
    Dec 30, 2002
      OK, first let me apologize to everyone. The message about the Commie
      computers was SUPPOSED to go to Swap personally. I had just got out of
      bed and was obviously not fully awake when I wrote and sent that letter.
      I don't mean to start any wars, especially when I'm outnumbered here
      (and most places as there were approximately 6.8 C64s sold for every
      TI-99 sold).

      Second, how did the Panasonic JR200 pop up in the Tomy Tutor group? I'm
      not even sure I knew what group I was in when I got the link to the
      website :/
      Davey Brain

      <<--Unfortunately in Win98 today, Netscape 7.0-->>
      <<--AMD Athlon 1700XP+ S3 ProSavageDDR 4X AGP-->>

      emucompboy wrote:
      > The Commodore 64 was superior to the Panasonic JR-200U in every
      > respect except for Commie BASIC lacking sound and graphic commands.
      > If you've been programming the Panasonic JR, you've probably
      > discovered that its BASIC sound commands are nothing to write home
      > about anyway -- and the sound quality (almost-square waves) is not
      > great.
      > But we're discussing this in the wrong group. This thread should be
      > in Home Computers and not in Tomy Tutor.
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