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17Features and Weaknesses

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  • dsbrain2001
    Sep 1, 2001
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      Hi all,<br>At the CCAG Show in Lorain OH I
      displayed several of my computers, including my Tomy Tutor.
      For each computer I picked out what I considered to
      be the features and weaknesses. This is what I came
      up with for the Tomy Tutor:<br>Features:<br>-Fast
      TMS9995 16-bit CPU<br>-16K RAM memory for
      programs<br>-256 by 192 graphics in 16 colors<br>-Cassette
      interface to save programs<br>-Cartridge port for
      solid-state software<br>-Easy to learn Tomy BASIC in
      ROM<br>-Graphics BASIC for color graphics<br>-Built-in graphic and
      sprite editor<br><br>Weaknesses:<br>-Rubber button
      keyboard<br>-Poor software selection; mostly games<br>-No file
      saving and loading in BASIC<br>-Sprites not accessible
      from BASIC<br>-Flimsy power supply
      construction<br>-Promised expansions never released<br>-No way to attach a
      printer<br>-No way to program in assembly<br><br>Well what do
      you think? Agree or disagree? Anything to
      add?<br><br>My own personal peeve is the very poor power supply;
      I had a power supply short out on my first Tutor
      and it ruined it before it blew the fuse...<br><br>I
      think the biggest flaw was the short-sightedness of not
      including file saving and loading in BASIC. It's difficult
      to write a serious program when you can't save a
      file.<br><br>Davey B. ;<))
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