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  • Cameron Kaiser
    Dec 29, 2002
      > Matter of opinion here...the only "superior" things about the C64 I can
      > think of are cheap, the sound chip and the sheer mass of software
      > available. The TI-99 was better built, the Atari had a better keyboard,
      > the CoCo had great support from Radio Shack and all of them had much
      > faster and more reliable disk drives and easier versions of BASIC to
      > use. The Panasonic JR200 had good graphics, a great BASIC and was well
      > built, and if it had lasted longer and gotten more popular, it would
      > have been a great system. Sure the C-64 was cheap, but it was, well,
      > cheap...

      No offense to those in the conversation, but I'd really like to avoid a
      my-computer-can-beat-up-your-computer thread. I get that enough other
      places and it's really quite tiresome.

      ObTutor: Great things are afoot on the GBASIC front -- stay tuned for a
      very complete analysis, and the first steps towards a working GBASIC
      model in Tutti. I'm still fleshing out the syntax tree (there's a lot of
      weirdness in GBASIC's expression handling), but at least one
      undocumented keyword has emerged, as well as some clues to its
      internal memory representations. I'll be posting when it's done very
      soon (next week perhaps).

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