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157Re: [Tomy Tutor] NEC Trek

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  • Russ Perry Jr
    Oct 4, 2002
      At 1:50 AM +0000 9/27/02, emucompboy wrote:
      > If you want to see the emulator, go to http://www.geocities.com/emucompboy

      The page doesn't say, but I assume these emulators are for the PC?
      I don't suppose there are Mac versions of the NEC Trek emulator and


      At 1:18 AM +0000 9/30/02, swap_and_shop wrote:
      >The Nec Trek is fairly rare in terms of finding it on Ebay. You can
      >go months before you will ever see one.

      Are there other sources of acquiring these and/or cartridges for it?

      >My Nec Trek is very nice and is in excellent condition, boxed,
      >manuals, and also a Nec Trek Price guide and catalog, there were
      >quite a few carts and other devices planned. Towards the end, NEC
      >appears to have dumped the entire system, as the carts sold direct
      >from NEC for next to NOTHING.. I'll have to open mine up and see
      >what the price guide said again.

      I wouldn't mind seeing a list of carts that were released for it...

      >I am really looking to collect more Nec Trek Carts, I would really
      >like to get my hands on Shamus.

      Yeah, great game anyway...

      >I will say the Nec Trek has been perhaps one of the most affordable
      >computers to collect.

      Well, I'd love to hear about where I might find one I guess...

      >Another computer that is very affordable and easy to collect is the
      >Panasonic JR 200U.. This computer is another one of my favorites.

      Yeah, it's very attractive. It didn't take carts though, did it?
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