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152Re: [Tomy Tutor ] anybody have boxed cartridges for trade?

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  • Russ Perry Jr
    Sep 23, 2002
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      At 4:06 AM +0000 9/24/02, atari_trader wrote:
      >On an unrelated note, check out ebay auction #2054963068

      Oh, dammit!

      > It is a "NEC Trek" computer, anybody here have one of these?

      No, but I wouldn't mind finding one!

      > I am not sure how rare a machine it is

      I think it's fairly rare, since it doesn't come up very often.

      > but it even comes with a "Canyon Climber" game cartridge.

      I have one cart at least... "The Curse Of Crowley Manor".
      I'd love to find more. The person who I got the one from
      may have thrown out others. :-(

      > I will be looking forward to receiving this.

      Well, if you ever get tired of it...
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