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121User Manuals Wanted

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  • swap_and_shop
    May 11, 2002
      As I was browsing through the photo gallery I realized that with the
      switch over from yahoo clubs that the cartridge manual pages no
      longer show up very well...

      I will attempt to fix that problem, and I will also add instructions
      for Hyperspace very very soon.. Was wondering if anybody would be
      willing to scan instructions for Pooyan, Traffic Jam, and Deep
      Six... I don't think Tomy is going to care?

      I have managed to find several websites with classic basic programs..
      Here are a couple of links;

      From Sky and Telescope Magazine...

      Not sure how many of these might work on a tutor... This are
      astronomy based programs...


      The next link is for Classic Basic Programs. These should work on a
      Tutor or any other computer, but may require some modification...
      These are from Creative Computing I believe....


      At any rate, I will be adding some of these into the files area of
      the club after I test them out on a tutor..


      The Swap..