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111Tomy Tutor User Club Newsletters

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  • sportzguy20
    Apr 8, 2002
      I see someone is interested in preserving some of the old Tutor
      Users club newsletters, I have newsletter #9 (June '85) and #10
      (November '85) to whomever has access to post and scan them. I also
      have a couple half-pages of the newsletter, only god knows which ones
      though. Also, I have a couple sheets on a couple games distributed by
      the newsletter, The cancellation notice of the TT from the Tomy
      corporation, and 3 lesson guides for GBASIC stuff from some User club
      members. There are lots of old contacts for the users group with
      this stack of papers (45 double sided pages). None of the is in
      order, FYI, but if someones wishes to spend the time going through it
      I will photocopy what I have for the good of the Tutor. I am not
      sure who the owner of this group is, but I would prefer if he/she
      would email me so I can get a street address, I will send them ASAP
      as I am currently laid off from work, and have ample time. Since I
      have not been as active as I would have liked to been in this group,
      I will photocopy and send free of charge.

      Also, we have some old Compute magazines laying around somewhere
      if anyone is looking for anything in particular, I can look around
      for them. Yes, my parents are packrats, I was only 4 when we got our
      Tutor, I wish I could've been older, maybe I could contribute more
      then. But anyways email me so I can get contact info, thanks much
      for maintaining this club :)

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