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RAPE CASE PETITION-plz plz take time to read ds.it would mean sooo much.tnx :=)

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  • johanna fe ocampo
    Last week a 3 year old girl (in South Africa) was beaten and raped. She is still alive. The man responsible was released on bail yesterday. He is walking the
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      Last week a 3 year old girl (in South Africa) was
      beaten and raped. She is still alive. The man
      responsible was released on bail yesterday. He is
      walking the streets. If you are too busy to read this
      then just sign your name and forward this on. The
      Government is planning to close the child protection
      unit and this is a petition against it. This is a
      very important petition. It is an essential part of
      the justice system for children.
      You may have already heard that there's a myth in
      South Africa that having sex with a virgin will cure
      AIDS. The younger the virgin, the more potent the
      cure. This has led to an epidemic of rapes by infected
      males, with the correspondent infection of innocent
      kids. Many have died in these cruel rapes. Recently in
      Cape Town, a 9-month-old baby was raped by 6 men.
      Please think about that for a moment. The child abuse
      situation is now reaching catastrophic proportions and
      if we don't do something, then who will?

      Kindly add your name to the bottom of the list and
      please pass this on to as many people as you know. If
      you are signature no.: 120 - please forward the
      mail-list to childprotectpca@... Please don't
      be complacent, do something about the kids of South
      Africa. You can make a difference. That child is
      fighting for life. This is just one of the million
      cases of child abuse, so please pledge your support
      and help keep CPU (CHILD PROTECTION UNIT) open. Please
      give your support to the petition and ensure that it
      goes to as many people as possible. Please don't just
      leave it, make a difference. In order to write your
      name copy this message and paste it in a new mail
      (compose). Or click on forward and add your name to
      the list and send it on to others.

      Again, if you are number 120 please send this to

      1. John Matterson (South Africa)

      2. Jenny Anderson
      3. Lucy Anderson (South Africa, Gauteng)

      4. Sue Mackenzie

      5. Nicola Clifford

      6. Michelle Clifford

      7. Trudi du Toit

      8. Jill van der Merwe

      9. Debbie Berger

      10. Janet Berger

      11. Bruce Berger

      12. Greg Berger

      13. Leanne Burroughs

      14. George Lodewick

      15. Michelle Swart

      16. Lin-Merie Lubbe

      17. Yolandi Maree

      18. Marius Maree

      19. Shane Markram

      20. Sandy Markram

      21. Ronel Shephard

      22. Elaine Duim

      23. Adri van Rooyen

      24. Sharon Joubert

      25. Donne van Gelder

      26. Des Towers

      27. Nicole Towers

      28. Charlie Heyes - I personally know a 14 yr old who
      was raped in Hout Bay, Cape Town in 2005 - the man is
      walking free and lives in the same community. The case
      is still waiting to go to court. Please support this

      29. Rev John Miller. Been involved with this unit
      whilst running a shelter for street kids. They are a
      vital part of our society particularly in the inner

      30. Kate Haworth

      31. Des Kruis

      32. Colleen Kruis

      33. Johan Richards

      34. Michelle Louw

      35. Ronel Snyders

      36. Sam Shabane

      37 Charmaine Herold

      38 Thomas Hasler

      39. Dean Jalosjos (Manila, Philippines)

      40. Jun Cabal

      41. Joshua Corvet

      42. Cathy Tabal

      43. Chelle Caidic (Philippines)
      44. Richard Roque (Parañaque City, Philippines)

      45. Cherry Patenio (Riyadh, KSA)

      46. Alvin Manzano

      47. Jeannie Hernandez

      48. Lotte C.Bañez

      49. Lyra Vergara

      50. Egay Misola

      51, Irma P. Libranda

      52. Beverly Banan (Philippines)

      53. Bernice Marie C. Biong, Philippines

      54. Gabby Malvar, Phil.

      55. Arlyn Diaz, Philippines

      56. Karren Domingo
      57. Catherine Sanidad, Phils
      58. Johanna Fe Ocampo

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