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A secret colony

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  • suzyintrenchcoat99
    I once had a dream that I was a N����menorean living in a secret colony on Tol Eress����a. And that got me thinking. The thing about the tale of the
    Message 1 of 721 , Oct 21, 2001
      I once had a dream that I was a N�menorean living
      in a secret colony on Tol Eress�a. And that got me
      thinking.<br><br>The thing about the tale of the Downfall of N�menor
      is that there are no half measures. The N�menoreans
      resist sailing west for 3000 years, but when they go it
      is with a mighty armada to invade Valinor. Then, the
      Valar acted as they did. But why did they wait until
      the N�menoreans had landed in Valinor itself? We are
      told that the N�menoreans "encompassed" Eress�a and it
      is only logical that at least some of them landed
      there. And yet the Valar waited, probably another few
      days, maybe even weeks to act and only after the
      landing in Valinor itself.<br><br>We can guess that
      Amandil landed in Valinor and nothing was done against
      N�menor with the sailing of one man and three
      servants.<br><br>Now, let's say that a determined group of N�menoreans
      had been stowaways on an elven ship in the days of
      Aldarion and sneaked into Eress�a and then set up a secret
      colony. Clearly the Valar would not have destroyed
      N�menor because of a small group. And the Valar were not
      omniscient. They could not locate Morgoth after he destroyed
      the Trees and they did not find Sauron when they
      sought for him. So wouln't it be possible, at least in
      theory, that some N�menoreans broke the ban during the
      first two millennia of the Second Age?<br><br>Tolkien
      says that Men are not good at obeying bans, so I'm
      inclined to think some did sail West. A secret colony
      could have been set up without the Valar's
      knowledge.<br><br>In my dream Eress�a was a land of great beauty, with
      many trees and high cliffs. It was very peaceful to
      walk in the countryside there and the air was pure and
      clean. With every breath, I gained life.<br><br>I'd like
      to know other people's thoughts on this. It's such a
      romantic idea, at least to me.
      Actully in a poem written by Tolkien The adventures of Tom Bombadil it says that Goldberry is the river-woman s daughter. A bit off Tom, but still on
      Message 721 of 721 , Feb 10, 2002
        Actully in a poem written by Tolkien "The adventures of Tom Bombadil" it says that Goldberry is the river-woman's daughter.<br><br>A bit off Tom, but still on subject.<br><br>--Aproudian2
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