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RE: [toad] New ERD

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  • Bert Scalzo
    Basically the new Toad ER Diagrammer is a major subset of the Toad Data Modeler s physical database offering. You won t get things like compare and sync model
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 1, 2009
      Basically the new Toad ER Diagrammer is a major subset of the Toad Data Modeler's physical database offering. You won't get things like compare and sync model to database (we have to keep something in the Toad Data Modeler), but there's sufficient capability to make the old Toad ER Diagrammer seem worthless. The key benefits that people will notice immediately are that they can create models of any size without performance or printing issues. At least these are two of the chief complaints we've heard many times. And unlike Oracle SQL Developer's new data modeling offering - the Toad ER Diagrammer does not cost any extra money. Some people seem to think just that because the SQL Developer Data Modeler alpha/beta is free - it is not. It clearly says so on their web page. So give Toad's new ER Diagrammer a test drive in the upcoming beta - because I think you'll find it very useful; it's a major face lift at no cost to you :)
      PS - the new Toad ER Diagrammer will be compatible with Toad Data Modeler, so for those needing those extra features - just buy the Toad DBA Bundle and you get Toad + DBA Module + Benchmark Factory + Spotlight + Toad Data Modeler all for one low price considering the amazing value offered :)

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      Subject: RE: [toad] New ERD

      Good Evening Mark-

      ERD is the first thing I look for any DB tool
      Is there any ability to map ERD to DB schema?

      Martin Gainty
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      Subject: [toad] New ERD

      Well I forgot to mention something significant: the ERD window is going to be completely replaced by a much more powerful one, courtesy the developers from the Toad DataModeler team. This will be released in our first public beta, so that is a "new feature" which isn't going to wait for Toad 10's first betas.

      What occurred there was this: we looked at the years of constant complains about all of our "diagramming" windows (ERD, Code Roadmap, Query Builder), then looked at the product we now call Toad DataModeler and said, "well, that product is also in Delphi, why not take the diagramming experts and get them to move those windows into Toad. History has taught us to be highly cautious about splitting development efforts though, so we took a "safe" window - the ERD - and decided to use that as a test case.

      We like what we see. We think you will too. There is no doubt that the most important thing will be present - your feedback.


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      Subject: [toad] New week

      We're targetting our first internal beta for Monday. Hopefully we won't have to go more than a couple of weeks before we can ask your help in looking at it.

      The main thing you'll see different will be upgraded data grids. This first round of betas will be to test the conversion to Delphi 2009 and the upgrade of all our components. Round 2 will be to dig deeply into Unicode testing. Internally, we're treating this large body of changes as "Toad 9.8," and it will (mostly) exclude any new functionality. Once we have 9.8 signed off of internally, then we'll start new functionality for Toad 10, which will be the next official public release. That will be sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year. That's a long time between releases but it was necessary this time.

      What say we head into next week without carrying over Friday's epic threads of food, animal rights, barefoot people, and the various other heavily opinionated topics which tend to, as Ed said, take a "oh no, left turn, off the cliff!"

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