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58554Toad Yahoo Group Closed

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  • toad-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 25, 2013
      Dear friends,

      The Toad Yahoo Group is now closed. Please participate in Toad discussions directly within the Toad 12 and later releases or, once registered with ToadWorld, through emails to toadoracle@....

      To participate in Toad use the View > Forums window, or the various features under Help > Toad World.

      This Group will remain available as a read-only archive, with this message as the last post for reference.

      Jim's first post to this Group was on July 22, 1998. We've had a remarkable run with it but it's finally time to move on. I hope everyone who hasn't yet creates a ToadWorld account and continues their participation over in those forums. That account will also be your access to a great deal more functionality and experiences within Toad itself in the years ahead. We're only just beginning.


      Mark Lerch

      Toad Development Manager