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  • gene.l.bradley
    Jul 22, 2013
      How are you determining what the dates are.

      You could put the dates in a temporary table
      and then say where dateVariable in (select myDate from temp_table);

      On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 12:31 PM, SHIVANAND BHARTI <SBharti@...> wrote:

      Hi folks … I have a query with bind variable which accepts date.

      How can I run thais query for 30 different dates and get it’s output in a file.


      I can write the same query 30 times with different date and run it as ascript.

      Or write a PL/SQL block.


      But it is an one time thing and I am looking for something quick .

      Is there an option in Toad by which I can spool out the output of a query for different input for the same bind variable ?


      For example how can I run this query for 30 different dates and spool  it’s output.


      SELECT  :RunDate   ,

            ( SELECT COUNT(*)

                 FROM store

                WHERE pstore_open_date =:RunDate  ) store_count     

            ,( SELECT COUNT(*)

                 FROM wh

                WHERE wh_open_date =:RunDate  ) ) wh_count

        FROM dual;







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