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58537IMPORTANT: Board to be set to read-only by end of next week

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  • toad-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Jun 18, 2013
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      For those who haven't heard via the Beta forum or discovered it for yourself, we are finally moving off of Yahoo Groups entirely. The Yahoo Beta Group has already been set to Read-Only and the participants have moved over to our new ToadWorld web site.

      If you haven't done so please go to ToadWorld.com and register. You can then begin participating in the main Toad forum there.

      Toad 12, available to the public this Thursday, June 20th, will have support for the forums directly within the product itself. The official GA date for the new ToadWorld is also this Thursday but you have full access to all the necessary functionality today.

      Once you're registered you'll be able to use the forums with email. I'm not sure what the status of the email for the main Toad forum is at the moment, but certainly by Thursday everything should be completed.

      Both the main Toad Yahoo Group and the Toad Beta Yahoo Group will remain in archival mode in case we ever get nostalgic. I seriously doubt anyone ever goes back and reads old posts. One of the primary reasons we've wanted to move off of it for so long was to be able to rate and judge content, so the quality stuff could bubble up to the top, making it easier to find and skim off the cream, recognize it and the author, and perhaps do something with it.