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  • Stephen Beausang
    May 10, 2013



      You should be getting a login screen before the select project dialog comes up.


      The third page of your options screen, has a login in automatically option. If this is on, turn it off, and try logging in again.


      If that does not work …


      Your login information is stored in a file called SVN.INI in your user files directory. If you do not know where this directory is, you can find the location in Options – General – Application Data Directory.

      Try removing or renaming this file. Then re enter your  SVN configuration settings in Toad.  Just to be on the safe, enter the absolute path to the SVN Executable.  Again make sure the login in automatically flag is off, at least until you have resolved this issue.


      Save options and try to  select a project. You should get the login screen first. You will then be able to enter your login information here.


      If this does not fix it, it might be something that support should take a look at.


      Hope this helps



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      Thanks for all the information.


      Let’s get this working without Team Coding, then I’ll move to that.



      ·         Subversion repository on a Solaris box that we are accessing using svn+ssh

      ·         Local working directory populated from the repository

      ·         Team Coding not installed

      ·         In options under Source Control

      o   Default VCS: Subversion (SVN)

      o   Prompt for Check Out comment checked

      o   Prompt for Check In comment checked

      o   Prompt for Add file comment checked

      o   Enable VCP Debug Logging unchecked


      1.       I don’t see a screen with repository and working folder information before the select project dialog opens.  When I select the “Select Project” icon, a windows pops open with SVN as an item.  When I expand it, nothing really happens.  When I cancel the window, Toad crashes with the note, “Toad  for Oracle has encountered a problem …” and “No Source Control project defined”.  Selecting OK doesn’t cause Toad to crash.  I have a package spec and body from the repository open in an editor window.  We have both in one file.

      2.       When I open a file from the repository, Check out, Undo check out and Check in icons only occasionally become active.  I have not figured out the steps that cause them to be active or remain inactive.  It has happened both ways when I select a file from the repository.  They icons also seem to go active after I select the “Select Project” icon after opening a file from the repository.

      3.       The “Open from Repository” icon is active.  When selected, a pop-up occurs that says repository is initializing, but nothing happens.  I thought it would take me into the working directory, but I still don’t know where that is set under the above status



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      Hi David,


      First let me address your immediate issues, then read on for more helpful stuff.


      You should see an SVN screen with repository and working folder information before the select project dialog opens. If  you are using Team Coding, it may be that it is trying to log you in automatically without the login window.  The easiest way to try to fix this, is to set SVN as your default VCS Provider in Options- Source Control. Then just try to log in to Source control (not Team Coding) from the Team Coding Toolbar. This will let you set working folder, and login information.


      Here is my short list of the added benefits of  Team Coding (without using code collections)

      ·         Locking of objects in Schema Browser and Editor, to prevent accidental updates to the source.

      ·         Ability to quickly revert changes to objects from Schema Browser or Editor

      ·         Team Coding viewer to quickly view the status of all objects controlled in Team Coding.

      ·         Team Coding VCS Browser integrates both Team Coding Controlled objects and other source files with Toad.

      ·         Quickly Compare the contents of Database objects with VCS version.

      ·         Revision history of objects and the ability to open revisions from within Toad.

      ·         Administrator has the ability to Freeze objects.

      ·         If you are using Code Analysis, Team Coding lets you track your metrics on check in / check out.


      Code Collections add

      ·         Mirroring – check objects out to a development sandbox and check back in before updating the object

      ·         Create and Compile new revisions of controlled objects.


      With Toad 12 you will also have

      ·         Integrated Team Coding Dashboard (VCS Brower, Team Coding  Viewer and Code Collections are Tabs in the same window)

      ·         Create new VCS Revision and Compile a VCS revision into the datavbase without using Code Collections.  You are able to do this for a  VCS project,  or selected objects, as well as code collections.

      ·         Compare and Synchronize  version control with the database. Team coding compares the VCS version with the database version and generates a list of objects with variances, and enables you update the database or the VCS project with the differences.

      ·         Quickly compare contents between multiple objects from within the Team Coding dashboard.



      Additional SVN information


      Donna has just completed editing a revised document for setting up SVN in Toad, which we will to send to  you separately. This should answer most of your set up questions.


      The Tortoise SVN and Subversion VCS interfaces in Toad are two separate implementations.  I recommend going with the SVN implementation.  The Toad Tortoise SVN interface simply calls the Tortoise Windows Shell ( very lame pun intended ..) , which  in turn calls the SVN command line. Consequently, the integration between Toad and Tortoise SVN is limited, and some functionality is not available. For example, you can’t use Tortoise SVN with Team Coding. If you have Tortoise installed, you have the SVN command line on your desktop.



      The latest Beta has added a lot of extra functionality for SVN, to help simplify the set up.  We are still working out one or two glitches, but you  are now able to connect to an SVN server,  create a local repository , create a new SVN project and initialize your working folder all from Toad. Most users could set everything up without knowing a single SVN command. The only thing you need is to have SVN installed on your desktop, and to be authenticated to the SVN Repository , if you are using a remote repository.






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      Subject: [toad] Working with Subversion



      We are FINALLY moving off sccs to Subversion.  I am looking at getting Toad to work with Subversion.  We don’t need to do anything fancy: copy (check out)/modify/Merge (if needed)(check in) on PL/SQL or view DDL files that need to updated once in awhile.


      I have looked at the Help topic on Subversion Configuration Options that describes setup without Team Coding.  Under VCS –settings, I chose SVN.  ( I also see TortoiseSVN.  What would be the difference in selecting that setting?  I have TortoiseSVN installed.)  I also don’t see anywhere to identify the location of my working directory.  I would have expected that is the Select Project would point.  It  only provides an entry labeled SVN.  I am missing something in my understanding how this should work.


      If I am not interested Code Control Groups (We are working on a code repository that is used by many schemas.), what would using Team coding provide me?  Why does Team Coding require a command line client and Toad version control without Team Coding does not?


      As you can observe, I am rather confused.


      Thanks in advance,



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