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1977 rm125 clutch cover Looking for a clutch cover to finish my 77 rm125. Please let me know if you have one. Almost riding season. Thanks Michael
Mar 21
Re: TM250 seat pan Todd, my supplier keeps giving me the run around. Everytime I call him he says "they are in production". At this point I'm getting pretty frustrated with him.
Terry Adams
Feb 25
Re: Title info / Suzuki Fuel Tank Rick, for example: I titled a 1967 Puch Twingle for $150 plus 6% of the purchase price or NADA value whichever was higher. Total was $180 I also titled a '72
Feb 25
Re: TM250 seat pan Any update on when these TM seat pans will be available? Ready to buy one now and finish up this restoration. Thanks, Todd
Feb 25
Re: Title info / Suzuki Fuel Tank Sounds good. What did oyu get when the system was done? Title from your state? Approx cost? Thanks
Rick Becker
Feb 25
Re: Title info / Suzuki Fuel Tank Rick, I used a company called: www.motorecyclenow.com to title a couple of old bikes. Very reasonable compared to other services Thank you, Todd
Feb 25
Title info / Suzuki Fuel Tank Hello Guys I have a question. I moved to Wisconsin last year and have found that it is next to impossible to get a title for an old bike here. It wasn't too
Richard Becker
Feb 24
Pete Noneman  http://www.deinkaffee.at/awufvhkm/twqspkjtxggfqoegqqthqqvpkiej.php
    Pete Noneman
    Feb 19
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    Re: Seeking some advice from somebody who knows about VIN numbers My ID manual says yes it is a 1977 as the 77 model serial number starts at TC185-24074 as the frame number and TC185-24059 as the start of the engine number
    Robert Kemp
    Feb 11
    Re: Seeking some advice on TC185 project? I know the folks here are decent and knowledgeable, but as another resource place you may want to check out http://suzukits.informe.com/forum/
    Feb 11
    Re: Seeking some advice from somebody who knows about VIN numbers I have TC185-24466. I guess that makes it a 1977. I had a friend in local PD run that number and no record of it ever being stolen.
    Feb 8
    Re: Seeking some advice from somebody who knows about VIN numbers If its a 1976 the frame number should be TC185-21645, and engine TC185- 21650 the 1977  frame is TC18524074and engine is TC185-24059 this is from a suzuki 
    Robert Kemp
    Feb 6
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    Re: Seeking some advice from somebody who knows about VIN numbers I think the ranger is a great bike. Here's a link to look up frame numbers: http://www.cyclechaos.com/wiki/Suzuki_TC185 BTW ---- old Hondas frame number
    Gregory Bjorgum
    Feb 6
    Re: Seeking some advice from somebody who knows about VIN numbers best to take the frame to your nearest highway patrol or state trooper and have them run the numbers on it.....better to know now if theirs an issue before you
    d v
    Feb 6
    Seeking some advice from somebody who knows about VIN numbers Hey everybody: So I have started rolling on my TC185 project. It is a 1976 model. I am curious about the VIN number. I think in 1976 they were not using 17
    Feb 5
    TM125 ignition cover Anybody in need of a TM100/125 ignition cover? I have produced a conversion plate that takes a early RM cover. It gives your TM a "works" look. It uses the
    Terry Adams
    Feb 4
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    Selling my '72 TS250 Vintage MX I'm thinning the herd so I'm selling my '72 TS250 MXer. It's on ebay right now, item # 271391305586 but if someones interested I can end early. It has new
    Feb 2
    Re: http://www.hondasurveys.com/se.ashx?s=41783EA57771339B Mike....wow first half of this message sent itself before I could finish...I am on hold with my collection of stuff for now..when I get that TL 125
    Feb 1
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    Re: http://www.hondasurveys.com/se.ashx?s=41783EA57771339B Mike...It is in the bucket list...right now not even room for the gas cans  something has to go.... ________________________________ From: Michael Candreia
    Feb 1
    Re: http://www.hondasurveys.com/se.ashx?s=41783EA57771339B I Like RL’s how and where are you? From: tmsuzuki@yahoogroups.com [mailto:tmsuzuki@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Michael Candreia Sent: Saturday, February
    Richard Becker
    Feb 1
    Re: http://www.hondasurveys.com/se.ashx?s=41783EA57771339B Buzzy you like a RL? Got 1 I will sell you. (About 15hrs) Sent from my iPhone
    Michael Candreia
    Feb 1
    Re: http://www.hondasurveys.com/se.ashx?s=41783EA57771339B I still have a Yamaha TY250 in the shed, needs a new few pet cock and some love but it still runs good. Rick From: tmsuzuki@yahoogroups.com
    Richard Becker
    Feb 1
    Re: http://www.hondasurveys.com/se.ashx?s=41783EA57771339B Richard...  Kinda glad to see them ask these type questions..wished the rest would also send out feelers...I would also kinda be interested in something along
    Feb 1
    Re: http://www.hondasurveys.com/se.ashx?s=41783EA57771339B I filled out the survey, looks like I want KTM 350SX, motocross bike, four stroke with electric start. I will say my friends Beta 250rr two stroke is pretty
    Richard Becker
    Feb 1
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    http://www.hondasurveys.com/se.ashx?s=41783EA57771339B Found this today... http://www.hondasurveys.com/se.ashx?s=41783EA57771339B ....if they really want to know then lets let them know...in my case a 175cc to
    Feb 1
    Re: 79 rm400 connecting rod I bought one from Richie last year for my '79 400. Very well made and he's a good guy to deal with. Good luck.
    Jan 30
    79 rm400 connecting rod If you still need the RM400 rod I have a friend who picked up one from this guy. Richard Weston < richie.weston@... > Richard Weston, he is out of New
    Jan 30
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