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Re: 71 TS90J Honcho

What is the best method to what is the best way to say it, OEM appearance wise, Bring the primary cover and left cover along with the cylinder back to life? I
Aug 27

Re: Suzuki TS 185 J SIERRA [2 Attachments]

To address Buzzy's comment on the changes made by Yahoo to their forum's. These changes effectively made the yahoo groups a nonentity to me. I was lucky (did
Richard Fogel
Aug 18

Re: Suzuki TS 185 J SIERRA

Not sure what year ts 185 you speak of  but all the info can be found here with a little research..usually listed under transmission...I would help more but
Aug 17
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Re: ts 185 gas tank

I also want to give a shout out that I am looking for a ts 185 gas tank in clean condition on the inside with minimal dents . If one of Ya'll has one for sale
Aug 17

Re: Suzuki TS 185 J SIERRA

Hi I have just sold a yz 80 for a quick profit to buy a sick TS 185. I am wondering if anybody has a number for how many links the chain should be ? I have a
Aug 17

Re: TM100 carb

1974 Suzuki TM100 Motocross Restoration - AHRMA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SvLDD1BYyM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SvLDD1BYyM 1974 Suzuki TM100
Aug 16

1974 TM250 what to look for

I'm going to look at a 1974 TM250 today. What are the main things I should look for when considering buying it? John
Aug 15

Re: TM250 fuel tank

Thanks Terry. I was hoping a 1973 tm250 would fit ... From: Terry Adams adamsvintageracing@... [tmsuzuki] To: tmsuzuki
Aug 12

Re: TM250 fuel tank

73/74/75 TM400 & 74/75 TM250 On Wed, Aug 12, 2015 at 2:19 PM, johnssequoia@... [tmsuzuki]
Terry Adams
Aug 12

TM250 fuel tank

What other model/year fuel tanks will fit a 1974 TM250
Aug 12

TM 100 & TM 125 available

Tanks and seats are gone but lots of other good stuff. Thought I would post here before going to ebay. Let me know what you're looking for. Post here or call
Aug 11

Re: TM100 carb

Default value always at midway. Position #3. If you are running lean, lower the clip. If you are running rich, raise the clip. - chuck Sent from my iPhone: -
Chuck Carter
Aug 4

TM100 carb

Anyone out there have a TM100. Where do you have the clip on the needle set?
Aug 4

Re: 71 TS90J Honcho

Hi Rich, Same here. the 90J was my first bike, bought it new in December 71. Kept it 3 yrs or so. Sold it to a first time rider. Moved from NC to Louisiana,
Aug 3

Re: 71 TS90J Honcho

FYI: Your bike is a 1972 model.  I bought mine new in December 1971.  Taillight broke off right away.  Otherwise the bike ran for years and was owned by
Rich Williams
Aug 3
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