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Translating TMB Telescopes

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  • Wayne G
    Folks, I have been way too busy actually LOOKING through telescopes, enjoying the great Thanksgiving weather here in the NE, and preparing for a wonderful
    Message 1 of 33 , Nov 22, 2006
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      Folks, I have been way too busy actually LOOKING through telescopes,
      enjoying the great Thanksgiving weather here in the NE, and preparing
      for a wonderful holiday to post sooner, but in hindsight I say the
      following with a twinge of regret:

      I see these issues time and again between people on the Internet: Do
      people ever stop to think that we have people from several different
      cultures and languages interacting around the world; in this case one
      man from German culture trying to converse in what is to him a *foreign*
      language, with another man in America, each interpreting what the other
      means and is saying in the context of how THEY would understand and use
      the language?

      Clearly, TMB scopes are at the very forefront of refractor
      technology--- when I ordered mine, I ostensibly told Thomas in sympathy
      that I would not be so critical as one customer he had then over a very
      minor coating sleek inside a lens that you could not even see without
      shining a bright light, and for which neither affected the cosmetics nor
      performance of the telescope. I knew that whatever I got, it would be a
      TMB and anything that passed through his hands had met HIS standards of
      quality--- I knew that would/ should be good enough for anyone. And
      yes, I am a very demanding and discerning person.

      I also knew that if I DID have any issue, Tom would take care of it. I
      relaxed and waited patiently for well over a year for my scope to come
      in. I've never regretted the decision.

      I've had very few direct dealings with Markus, but feel he is a very
      similar person; I know he is a shrewd businessman who is also very
      exacting and precise in his words and deeds. He likes preciseness
      whether it be in language, parts, optics or contracts.

      When he reads comments from others, he may easily read them as being
      different from what the other person had intended, and vise versa, a
      consequence of the different cultures behind the writer and the reader.

      People forget that they are dealing with BOTH a language AND a culture
      barrier, and it seems obvious to me that both Markus and Bill mistook
      the other's words, meanings and intentions at some early point.

      The end result is that Markus lost a 7" TMB sale that I'm sure he would
      have liked to have sold, and Bill wasted 4 months on a scope order and
      will now likely never get that TMB and that is a shame--- I doubt
      anything else he comes up with in that size new will ever be quite that
      good--- the TMB is pretty much *it* in the Apo world, as far as
      quality, price, delivery time and selection.

      A lot of the credit for TMB apos happening DOES belong to Markus, but
      did he do it alone? No. Without the very fertile brain of Thomas Back
      as well, there would be no TMB lens, and without that, you just have an
      empty tube. Other good lenses are out there, maybe even designed by
      LZOS themselves? I suppose, but if so, where are they? Other than
      long-waiting A-P and super-pricey Tak, there was little else to choose
      from until TMB came along. Now we also have TEC as a player and I hear
      they are very nice.

      Bottom line is not to resurrect this dead issue, I think both men have
      too much pride to admit they were BOTH responsible and played a key role
      in this lost deal, and both will suffer some loss as a result,

      My only point is that hopefully the next time such conflicts arise out
      of misunderstandings over the language and culture barrier, I hope those
      people (even if only discussing topics for conversation) will remember
      these barriers, and be a bit more gracious and patient in trying to get
      their thoughts understood well by the other side.

      And as to the moderators of the forum wanting to take the 'strehl"
      thread off line---- it was actually one of the most active and
      informative threads this group has had in a L-O-N-G time, on a group
      that is otherwise largely DEAD now (I see more activity on a group I
      belong to with only 42 members!); especially in contrast to the
      activity of just a couple years ago. This group is at a 5-year low in
      postings. Another thing to reflect upon. I hope I've made my point.

      Whatever the context in the future, I hope people will remember that
      they are talking across both language AND culture barriers between
      members of groups like this, and as such, even the same words between
      people can have *very* different meanings on one side as opposed to the

      Thanks for reading, understanding and most of all, considering.

    • Tube Tim
      ... Great, I d like to see the setup also. With the monilith matching the mount it s going to look really good. A red 10 th anniversay WO scope as a view
      Message 33 of 33 , Nov 30, 2006
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        >--- In tmboptical@yahoogroups.com, "William Ingalsbe" <ingalsbe@...
        > wrote:
        > Dan: Absolutely, but like I say it won't be until next Spring when
        > I am scheduled to get my STL-11000. Regards, Bill

        Great, I'd like to see the setup also. With the monilith matching the
        mount it's going to look really good. A red 10'th anniversay WO scope
        as a view finder would be the icing on the cake. :-)


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        > Subject: Re: [tmboptical] Re: Translating TMB Telescopes
        > William,
        > How about a photo when you get everything setup? I for one would
        love to see
        > it.
        > Dan
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        > From: William Ingalsbe
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        > Subject: RE: [tmboptical] Re: Translating TMB Telescopes
        > Thanks Tim. As it happens, I have the Paramount mount, and I am
        getting the
        > red Monolith to match it. Regards, Bill
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        > On
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        > Subject: [tmboptical] Re: Translating TMB Telescopes
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        > "William Ingalsbe" <ingalsbe@
        > > wrote:
        > Bill, Glad it all worked out and you got a nice scope and one with a
        > field flattener. The monolith is a nice tripod, I use one on my tmb
        > 229 (for imaging).
        > I am not sure of the mount you will use but a Paramount along with a
        > red monolith looks totally cool. I wanted to go that route but the
        > Paramount would have taken to long.
        > Wishing you many Happy nights viewing / imaging,
        > Tim
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