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Re: When it Rains, it Pours

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  • tmboptical
    ... Hi Jim, Thanks for your condolences about the death in my family. If you think I made this up for some kind of time excuse, I would be happy to send you a
    Message 1 of 44 , Mar 1, 2005
      --- In tmboptical@yahoogroups.com, "jimhp29401us" <thefamily90@h...>
      > Hello Tom,
      > Everyone has his/her reasons for doing what they do and it is not
      > always possible to know. Having said that, you seem to be
      > extraordinarily busy and often behind in returning e-mails/phone
      > calls. I worry that adding all this Burgess Optical stuff is only
      > going to make things worse. Short focal length refractors that need
      > a Barlow to help with color correction? That doesn't sound right to
      > me. My interest is and always has been in apochromatic refractors
      > that are color free. If you argue that short focal length
      > refractorts with chromatic aberration are better deals given cost
      > you've completely lost me. Good Luck with your Burgess short focus
      > refractors. I truly wish you well.
      > Jim Phillips

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your condolences about the death in my family. If you
      think I made this up for some kind of time excuse, I would be happy
      to send you a copy of the obituary.

      As for my projects with Burgess Optical, you have no idea what I
      am doing, or how much time it takes from my workday, and frankly,
      it is none of your business. But I will tell you anyway. In any
      given week, about 80% of my time is working on the TMB/APM part of
      my business, and 20% with Burgess. Hardly making my workload any
      harder, because Bill and William are doing so much of the workload.

      What the real problem is, is that I am doing the job of four people,
      and TMB Optical is only one person, Thomas Back. I just wish you
      all could see how much work I have to do, and with the Euro where
      it is at, and importation costs, with working 8 to 14 hours days,
      7 days a week, if you take my earnings by the hour, I would make
      more flipping hamburgers. I don't want or ask for pity, it is what
      I love, and it is my choice to do it, and mine alone. But I have to
      make a living, and I really like the idea that I can offer the
      finest apochromatic telescopes, in the largest sizes, in the world.

      And now, I can also offer very high quality, affordable astronomy
      equipment, and secure the future of TMB Optical. There is also new
      TMB products that are going to be at the highest level of
      performance, like our new quartz TMB diagonal, and many more items.
      They will be worth waiting for.

      After I got back from the WSP, that week, I was on the phone 30
      hours. Now, think of how much work I could have got done, if I
      didn't have to spend that much time on the phone? I wasn't going
      to bring this up until later, but it is as good as a time as any.

      Calls to TMB Optical are, of course, very important. But I have to
      bring back some kind of control. I plan on two things. First, I
      will only accept phone calls now from Tuesday to Friday. Second,
      I ask my customers to please feel free to call, but let's try
      and talk about the important questions, and not let the calls
      turn into one hour plus calls. I really like talking to everyone,
      but, the average call is now one hour, and that not only takes
      time away from me working on telescopes, designing, and all the
      many things it takes to run a business, but it ties up the line,
      so other people can't get through. And there are always going to be
      times when I am in the shop, so I am not at my desk, and can't
      take the calls at that time. I am trying my very best, but it has
      come to the point where I have to make, and ask for some changes.

      It is not because of my new products, as they will be tested by me,
      and then most of them will be dropped shipped, with a 100% no
      questions asked money back guarantee.

      Jim, I thank you for your well wishes with the new Burgess/TMB/
      William products. I hope you don't find this post in a negative
      light, in fact, I am glad you posted it, so I could lay down the
      facts, and hopefully get my work hours down, so I can service my
      customers the best I can, and maybe have a day off a week,
      something that I have not had in years.


      Thomas Back

      > > Hi Everyone,
      > >
      > > Just a few days ago, there was a death in my family, and it has
      > > taken most of my time. Therefore, I am sorry that I have not been
      > > able to keep up with my calls, e-mail's and the group. It may
      > > to the end of this week to catch up.
      > >
      > > Then on top of that, my main computer's hard drive (while I was
      > > doing a Ghost Clone backup), changed the drive letters, and now
      > > the system won't boot. I hope to have it fixed tomorrow, but it
      > > is impossible to say when. I am using my second computer to write
      > > this, but almost all my customer data (don't worry, I do daily
      > > backups of all invoices, orders, and all things financial TMB)
      > > on the down computer. So, I ask for a little patience, if I
      > > have not contacted or replied to you.
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > >
      > > Thomas Back
    • APM-Telescopes Markus Ludes
      confirmed from my side too :-) doing a business together is not having every day fun, but sometimes also a bit conflicts. If you are married, you know what I
      Message 44 of 44 , Mar 4, 2005
        confirmed from my side too :-)

        doing a business together is not having every day fun, but sometimes also a bit conflicts. If you are married, you know what I am talking about :-)

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        From: tmboptical
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        Sent: Friday, March 04, 2005 6:31 AM
        Subject: [tmboptical] Re: When it Rains, it Pours

        Harley, and everyone,

        You have nothing to worry about. If you think what you read on
        our group was tough stuff, you should see the personal e-mail's
        between Markus and I! This is everyday stuff for us, for the last
        7 years. :-)

        There will be no close down of the TMB/APM line of apochromatic
        telescopes, lens in cells, and accessories.

        Best Regards,

        Thomas Back

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