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8926Re: [tmboptical] Re: Placing Orders for Eyepieces

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  • Markus Ludes
    May 1 2:00 AM
      Hi All,

      some more explanations, because I see coming up several questions

      1, The manufactoring of the eyepiece is " not" a limited run, it will as long we can sell them , hopefull for many years

      2, yes we selling sets and also single focallenghtes, so you are free to order whatever and how many you want

      3, Tom and me collected a list of names , most of them already said: I want them, Please put me on the list, I order ...etc.

      4, the first production run will be between 50 and 100 sets, than every few weeks next runs of sets.
      Tom and I create a list for his and mine customers, looking to the dates when the email or phone or whatever arrived
      The first on the list get the first eyepiece.
      Depends how big is the list, it might happens that some of the just coming orders may need to wait a few weeks longer than the customers who have been on the list since longer time, but since the production is quite large, there will be no real long wait time

      5, after this production started successfully and the customers and new owners are happy with the eyepiece, than we are ready to discuss and start other focallenghtes of eyepiece , a superhigh quality barlowlens and some more only high end accessories, like a 2" Diagonal mirror using quarz, highest reflection coating and smooth nonrotating eyepiecefocuser build in.

      A next Idea which is already under discussion is a longer focuse 2" widefield compensation eyepiece. What is that ? Its an eyepiece which is matched in its design with the original TMB Apo design to work at its best. Like the zeiss Abbe Orthos have been matched to work the best with the Zeiss APQ.

      Other interested accessories will be introcude step by step with non compromissing quality , everything will be made by the optical company who make the eyepiece. Here optical designers will cooperate with Thomas back to get really worldclass designs out

      best wishes

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