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8068Re: Monocentric eyepiece Oh no, no 5mm?

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  • izar21093 <izar@juno.com>
    Mar 1, 2003
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      Senior moment here. I do not know if I am on the eyepiece list or not.

      If not, please include my name.

      Bill G

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      <TMBoptical@a...> wrote:
      > --- In tmboptical@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Fowler <popocatept@a...>"
      > <popocatept@a...> wrote:
      > > > Oh no, no 5mm?
      > > snip
      > > > Thanks,
      > > > Ron B[ee]
      > BTW Ron, thanks for the kind words on s.a.a.
      > > I too think that a 5 piece set with a 5mm is needed. If
      > > finances or other reasons preclude it now, can it be added
      > > later?
      > >
      > > Mike Fowler
      > > Chicago
      > Mike, Ron and everyone else interested in the eyepieces,
      > If the TMB Mono eyepiece project is successful, I'm sure we will
      > be able to add a 5mm to the set. Time will tell. Thanks for your
      > input, and believe me, I want a 5mm just as much as you guys do!
      > On the subject of the TMB Monocentrics, I have received so many
      > e-mail's to be put on the contact list, I simply do not have the
      > time to answer in detail, every e-mail. Rest assured that each
      > person that contacted me will definitely be on the list. Please
      > don't be offended if I reply to each person with a form letter
      > acknowledging that you are on the list. Thank you.
      > Thomas Back
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