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76Re: TMB Triplet 228 arrived

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  • David Novoselsky
    Nov 3, 2000
      Very impressive, Markus. Dave

      --- In tmboptical@egroups.com, ludes@u... wrote:
      > Hi Guys,
      > today an 300 pound TMB Triplet apo shipment arrived. One of the
      > optics is an TMB 9"F/9 Triplet and at this moment the largest TMB
      > super apo going to USA to an guy in california for serious CCD work.
      > I posted an image on the filessection of this group.The other
      > will be over the weekend pretested from me and than shipped to Tom
      > for final testing before they going out to his and Astronomics
      > customers. The tubes will comes a little later ( about 2 weeks),
      > for Santa Clous day early December, the backordered guys should
      > almost all have here present on the table (excapt the very latest
      > orders for larger optics).
      > Happy Nicolaus
      > Markus
      > BTW: ntil end of this year the CNC maschine shop have his new
      > CNC maschine fully running,. so that we expect from that time that
      > always optics and tubes leaving to Tom in one shipment.
      > I think this year was not a bad start for everybody and my special
      > thanks to Tom for his great work and Astronomics for all support to
      > Tom and the amateurcommunity
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