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7342Re: Quasi-observing report

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  • Tony White <twhite@digitania.net>
    Feb 1, 2003
      > Can you please provide a URL of a source that illustrates (and
      prices?) the
      > Feathertouch? I've seen it noted here and there on this board but
      > am unfamiliar with it. I use the JMI 2" Crayford focuser on my
      > NewtFork. Is the Feathertouch comparable? Better?


      See: http://www.astrofieds.com/docs/feathertouch.htm

      The Feathertouch is IMO the best focuser available anywhere. It is
      patented as well (a message from Paul Bock from a few days ago
      refers to the USPO database for it). I had a JMI Crayford some time
      ago which was a horrible disappointment to me - mechanical fit was
      terrible, and JMI wouldn't fix it. The Feathertouch is a work of
      mechanical art, as well as being a joy to use - the motion is
      incredibly smooth and stable as well as accurate. One of the major
      reasons for that is the fact that the drawtube has bearings whose
      races are actually cut into the drawtube for superior stability -
      that focuser can hold the weight of my 2" diagonal, binoviewer and
      eyepieces or my 2" diagonal and 31T5 Nagler with absolutely NO shift
      of any kind whatsoever.

      Also, there is a picture in the files section of this board which
      shows a picture of Tim Povlick's 152 with the Feathertouch
      retrofit. Looks just like mine. I would also refer you to several
      reviews on CloudyNights - specifically Motti Pikelny's review of his
      Vixen-tubed TMB that he had Detlef Schmidt (owner of Starlight
      Instruments and the designer/manufacturer of the Feathertouch)
      retrofit to his tube. I think you'll find his comments compelling.


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