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  • etaychert
    Aug 5, 2002
      I made one. It turns out that the lens will mount directly onto the
      mounting flange of an 80mm Meade model 310. The 310 has a push-pull
      cell, holes and thread pitch etc, all compatible with that nice APO
      objective! Here's one on Astromart showing the front end of one:


      It's surely too much of a coincidence that the two are exactly the
      same; maybe they are all patterned off of "vixen" push-pull cells.

      The tube diameter is also compatible with the ST80 and ST90; I mention
      that because Burgess Optical claims to make a 2" focuser for them ...
      as he does for every other scope ever made...

      Anyway, I cut my tube down to size; a machine shop made a adapter for
      an old 2" AP focuser:


      The (serial# 1 !!!) triplet sticks out a bit farther than the old
      Meade achro did, but the dew shield and cap still fit on and work.

      Apologies for the ugly lettering on the side of the tube; I consider
      that my anti-theft device ...

      - Ed.

      --- In tmboptical@y..., "apmtelescopes" <apm_telescopes@w...> wrote:
      > Today arrived 15 pc TMB Triplet Fluorite Lens in cell D= 80 mm
      > mm, but no tube yet ready, if somebody wants to build his own tube,
      > he is welcome to order only the lens in cell.
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