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36800Field flattener for TMB 92 SS?

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  • digidodi
    Oct 11, 2010
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      Has been a very long time since I posted something, but due to work I became an amateur-amateur with little time to do astronomy. Tonight was an exception :)

      Anyone has had success with 35mm format on the TMB 92SS? I tried tonight to couple a Teleskop Service (Germany) 2.5" field flattener that I had sitting on a shelf to a TMB 92SS and use a Canon 5DmkII, but the results were not up to standard. Perhaps only 50% of the field of view is really good. With my EOS 1DmkIV (crop 1.3) that goes up to 80% or so, but still not better.

      The same flattener works like a charm for the 5D on a 90mm f6.7 triplet apo with stars nearly pinpoints to the edge of the 24x36mm field.

      I tested the 92mm TMB also visually. Really nice scope indeed. Too bad about the photographic performance with the flattener. But perhaps better exist? Any suggestions?


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