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36684OTA Rings

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  • paleosonic
    Jul 6, 2010

      I am a new owner of a TMB 80SS. It was intended as an upgrade for my grab-n-go SV Nighthawk Classic, and has proven to be an exceptional performer.

      The 80SS comes stock with a 'footy' that works only passably on a Gibraltar alt-az mount, and not at all on my vintage Unitron model 128 GEM and 114 alt-az mounts. Both of the latter have a narrow (3/4 inch wide) head with two 1/4-20 size bolt holes, 3 inches center to center. I am looking for mounting solutions for those 2 mounts. So far I have found a small plate with Vixen style dovetail (by ADM) that could be pressed into service with a little drilling. Alternatively, two OTA rings would work on the Unitron mounts and the Gibraltar. I have a pair of rings that just barely don't fit. Before ordering rings I just wanted to confirm that the 80ss takes standard '90mm' rings.

      Any help greatly appreciated.


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