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36669Re: APM/TMB 130 f/9.25 For Sale

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  • Joe Tuttle
    Jun 8, 2010
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      > Re: APM/TMB 130 f/9.25 For Sale
      > Posted by: "John Katrenick" tracy_tracy@... temper9992222
      > Date: Mon Jun 7, 2010 6:29 pm ((PDT))
      > There is no price listed that I can see. I once sold a scope on Astromart and bought a number of items as well and never had to pay 12.00 but this time they want 12.00 for me to be able to see the price.
      > Re: APM/TMB 130 f/9.25 For Sale
      > Posted by: "Terry Tuggle" tlt284@... tlt284
      > Date: Tue Jun 8, 2010 1:22 am ((PDT))
      > John,
      > I guess the free ride is over! Reluctantly I paid the 12.00 bucks, but
      > it is the place to buy and sell Astro stuff.

      Hello John, unfortunately if I was really in the market for the scope,
      the price is the one thing I would want to see to let me know if I
      wanted to pay the $12.00 or not. I hate being strung along like a fish.

      What free ride, Terry? Sponsors already pay to advertise there, etc.,
      if people do not come to view, no point in sponsors paying to
      advertise. If AM needed more funds, all they had to do is attach a very
      small fee to each sold item. That way, the more productivity (sales),
      the more revenue.

      I can buy many nice things for $12 and am not about to legitimize the
      fee on every person who simply wants to visit to browse the ads by
      paying it. There are always other good places to shop, such as CN,
      eBay and elsewhere, sorry.

      Like anything else, you are justifying the fee by the very act of giving
      in and paying it.

      Next year it will be $15.00 just to view ads.

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