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36610Thinking of a TMB80-ss

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  • alterfleonis
    Nov 28, 2009
      Hello, folks,

      I am new to the group and thinking of purchasing a TMB80-ss from Astronomics for imaging. Is there someone out there using this scope for imaging who would not mind corresponding with me a bit about it? I am looking for a refractor without chromatic aberration (or any other aberration, of course). I've had a hard time focusing blue in my ED80 and would like to change. I understand the TMB80-ss is an FPL-53 triplet and should not show any chromatic aberration, but I'd rather here it from someone who's actually tried long exposures through it.

      Also, I've wondered about the focuser and whether anyone is using an electronic focuser with it or has replace it with some other focuser.