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36590Re: [tmboptical] Parts for a 105/650 CNC

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  • Roy Ramdeen
    Aug 13, 2009
      Thanks for responding makus,
      I now know a little more history on my scope and the conglameration between APM/TMB. I am at the Sasketchewan Summer Star Party, and getting more info. There are two TMB's including mine, so we are having a field day with these great old scopes. I also have my AP 130, but havn't had a real need to pull it out, happy doing AAVSO double stars, with my now APM/TMB it's inpressive compared to the more expensive stuff.
      I head a lot of second hand history on the relationship between TMB and APM, that i will not go into.

      When I contacted APM (You) via email for info you told me you did not have any and to contact a US dealer,
      You did not tell me to contact TMB, but in retrospect if you live in North America and you have to get info you call the source, I though TMB would be my best bet, not a reseller. Secondly I was not complaining about you or your services, don't know where you are comming from. No need to start that train of though.
      I thank you very much for the rest of your communication.

      Regards Roy

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      From: APM Telescopes <anfrage@...>
      Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 8:00 am
      Subject: Re: [tmboptical] Parts for a 105/650 CNC
      To: tmboptical@yahoogroups.com

      > Hi Roy
      > to public same as to you
      > 1, Thomas Back got the original testreports and keeped them, I
      > have no access to those, so please do not complain about me , ok ?
      > 2, please tell me where I told you to call TMB ? Thats not true
      > 3, TMB Lenses ( called Signature Series ) of today are indeet
      > made in Asia, where excactly only Astronomics can tell you
      > 4, the lenses we did and sold together with Thomas Back , are
      > made in Russia only and renamed now into APM/LZOS and APM/LOMO ,
      > a clear indication that they are made in Russia and not in
      > China. Our Lenses are available since 1999 until today and we
      > sell them still with good success all over the world
      > thanks
      > Markus
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      >   From: Roy Ramdeen
      >   To: tmboptical@yahoogroups.com
      >   Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 7:05 AM
      >   Subject: [tmboptical] Parts for a 105/650 CNC
      >     Well I though this site was down as well
      > because I haven't had any posts from the site as well for a while.
      >   A while ago I called Markus @ APM to get information on
      > my TMB 105, Makus replied no objective test info available, no
      > parts call TMB. I email TMB several times with out any success,
      > when Thomas was alive I had better service, so looks like TMB is
      > struggling in my view, by now I was getting a little annoyed.
      > Does anyone have or know where I can get the cnc German knobs
      > that came with these great units. Further more I thought I would
      > try the new TMB's and was told these objectives are now made in
      > china. Is this true? I just don't need another William Optics. I
      > not here to piss anyone off just need a little assistance that
      > doesn't seem to exist at TMB.
      >   Roy...
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