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35471TMB152 Test Images -- New Baffle Design

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  • Michael Sherick
    Feb 2, 2008
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      Hi Folks,

      I thought I would share some test images from my newly redesigned TMB152 f8 APO. I built this OTA several years ago, and designed the internal baffle system in cooperation with Thomas Back, but for CCD Imaging, it seems that there were too many internal reflection problems. So... back to the drawing board :-)

      Long story short -- I added additional internal baffles, with modified baffle spacing, added additional flocking, and enlarged the dew shield. The result was greatly improved contrast and elimination of the reflections previously seen.

      Here are a few results imaged with the TMB152 after the modifications. All files have been reduced in size to about 500K. CCD camera is a STL6303.

      M45 Single 5 minute exposure, Clear filter.

      ngc1333 Single 5 minute exposure, Clear filter.

      M81-M82 4 x 5 minutes sequence, Clear filter.

      M13 5 x 5 minute sequence, Clear filter. Imaged 5:30am - aircraft streak at no extra cost.

      In general, I am pleased with the results. I notice that there is a slight collimation issue, which I will correct the next time I get up to the JMSM Observatory.

      For those interested in the internal construction of this custom TMB152, here is a web link showing the OTA and Baffle structure:
      There is also a link on this page to a PDF file showing the internal Baffle placement.

      Mike Sherick
      JMSM Observatory

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