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  • Wayne G
    Sep 2, 2007
      Tube Tim wrote:
      > WG:
      >> I do note (Tim) that a real binocular does have enhanced depth of
      >> field over just using a BV with a single objective, even on
      >> astronomical views,
      > With the larger bino that seemed to be the case where was with a pair
      > of smaller ones it doesn't. Perhaps this was due to dark sky versus
      > city skies and richer star fields filling in more details. Be that as
      > it may I've read research papers on machine vision for stereoscopic
      > vision and I thought the human vision system (HVS) loses the ability
      > to see 3D due to the displancement of the eyes ("range finder") in 30
      > meters (?). An experiment I've tried is shine a laser into a fog bank
      > and view the beam with both eyes. At some point you see the two beams
      > converge to one and I suspect that is the limit of range finder mode.
      > Not sure, maybe it doesn't mean anything.

      WG: Funny Tim, your comments closely mirror a discussion I just had on
      another group again. There was a confusion about the true meaning and
      nature of terms like stereo vision, stereoscopic vision, binocular
      vision and the like. But what you say above sounds absolutely right.

      > THe HVS is pretty amazing as it can fill in the 3d details using
      > information about objects in the scene.

      WG: Right. The output to the brain is a stereo field to some degree
      regardless of the input. The brain just expects and assumes a stereo
      input and processes as such. It just varies in degree, just as a stereo
      speaker system is still stereo even though it (the stereo signal) often
      has monophonic components to it.

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