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  • Tube Tim
    Sep 2, 2007
      >--- In tmboptical@yahoogroups.com, Wayne G <fomalhaut@...> wrote:

      > WG:
      > I do note (Tim) that a real binocular does have enhanced depth of
      > field over just using a BV with a single objective, even on
      > astronomical views,

      With the larger bino that seemed to be the case where was with a pair
      of smaller ones it doesn't. Perhaps this was due to dark sky versus
      city skies and richer star fields filling in more details. Be that as
      it may I've read research papers on machine vision for stereoscopic
      vision and I thought the human vision system (HVS) loses the ability
      to see 3D due to the displancement of the eyes ("range finder") in 30
      meters (?). An experiment I've tried is shine a laser into a fog bank
      and view the beam with both eyes. At some point you see the two beams
      converge to one and I suspect that is the limit of range finder mode.
      Not sure, maybe it doesn't mean anything.

      > though the brain does seem to add some DOF
      > of its own on such views.

      THe HVS is pretty amazing as it can fill in the 3d details using
      information about objects in the scene. Example, look at a scene and
      cover one eye. You still know from the objects in the scene the chair
      is in front of the desk and the LCD is on the rear portion of the
      desk. Another example of HVS is look at a room filled with chairs
      piled up at random. Find the one rocker chair amongst all others.
      The HVS would solve this in the blink of an eye. A computer / VVD
      would take it's time.

      Tim on a cloudy pre-dawn morning.

      > WayneG
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