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  • Rob Willett
    Sep 1, 2007
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      Please, please, please do not post pictures like this.

      It's simply not fair on the rest of us struggling to afford a single
      4" TMB whilst you have two (2!!) of them as a pair of binoculars. :)

      Sigh, oh well back to work to try and earn some more money.

      Best of luck with them (he says enviously).


      On 1 Sep 2007, at 13:23, dietmar hager wrote:

      > hi folks,
      > I wanna proudly present my brand new toy:
      > it is a double refractor - a so called "binoptic" system.
      > its specifications are:
      > 2 pieces of 5" f/6 TMB Apo
      > on a alt/az fork tripod.
      > I dealt this out with Markus Ludes and Markus Schumann - two very
      > sophisticated dealers you most probably know...(-:
      > what I love with the APM guys is their flexibility in setting up
      > deals.
      > Markus - you have my thanks!
      > as soon as I have gathered first light I shall return and give a full
      > scale report on this item.
      > here are some pics:
      > http://www.stargazer-observatory.com/binoptic.htm
      > best greetings,
      > Dietmar

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