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31990Re: Some DSO's and Planet Shots with the TMB 152

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  • Wade Van Arsdale
    Oct 1, 2006
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      Hi Wayne,
      Unfortunately, that was the only time I had for imaging Jupiter this
      year due to time constraints with my job. I hope to get better ones
      next year. I don't have any "high-res" versions of this batch.

      The images were optimized for a 1024 x 768 pixel screen size. They
      will look bigger on that resolution or lower than say, a 1280 x
      1024 screen or above. So some of it may be relative to the screen
      resolution you are using if you are on a high-res screen. I also had
      to shrink them down about another 30% due to so-so atmospheric seeing
      the nights they were made, and the low altitude of Jupiter this
      year. At native size, they just didn't look as good....too blurry
      even after heavy processing in Registax, and some of it is no doubt
      my own learning curve as well.

      I eventually learned that the scope's optics are good enough to
      handle 4X, so I've converted from 2.5X to 4X now, for a slightly
      bigger-size image. I'm chomping at the bit to get a shot at Saturn
      this winter. The Lumenera camera really shows some promise for
      getting good shots through the TMB with it. It's got a pretty tiny
      pixel micron size (4.4 microns), which should make for some good
      high-resolution imaging under good sky conditions when used with the
      4X Powermate.

      I think the planet disk sizes are always going to run a little
      smaller with my model than an SCT imager, or say, Dietmar's rig as a
      comparison, due to the shorter native focal length of my tube. You
      can only compensate just so far with image amplification until it
      starts to break down as you know, so I'll just take what I can get
      shooting at 4800mm (with the 4X) and try to maximize that the best I
      can. I may try 5X at some point, but its getting pretty close to
      the edge of diminishing returns at 4X with my typical seeing here.

      Thanks for taking a look!



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      > Subject: [tmboptical] Some DSO's and Planet Shots with the TMB 152
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      > Jupiter opposition this past summer:
      > http://www.compubuild.com/astro/jupiter1.htm
      > [WG:] Wade, your pictures of Jupiter are pretty small, is that a
      > of yours or are the files the camera makes that small?
      > If the former, can you post more detailed file sizes of Jupiter?
      > Thanks,
      > WayneG
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