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31684Re: My best ever M45, with TMB 80mm - Epilogue

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  • digidodi
    Sep 2, 2006
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      I am sorry, but that software exists: PTlens it is called.
      However, one has to find the parameters for the formula and optimize it ;)


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      > Hi Tim,
      > Well, me a bit too, but ok, there is no flattener for the 80mm at f6,
      > which annoys me a bit in the things I want to do with the scope. i'd
      > love to see an imaging version with a good reducer and a nice
      > flattener for it on the market. I wonder how long it will take before
      > someone realizes the potential of making one for this otherwise
      > versatile scope.
      > D.
      > [WG:] Well, Dodi, it just takes a bit of insight and vision, as well as
      > a bit of commitment to stay with a product and DEVELOP it into a well
      > thought out SYSTEM, rather than keep jumping around trying to follow
      > every market twitch.
      > IMO better to make a few *comprehensive* systems with full support of
      > many versatile products than a lot of only partially fleshed out
      > instruments, not that TMB generally lies in the latter category--- in
      > the former, you also run the risk of investing a lot of time and work
      > and then eating it if it doesn't meet a strong public need.
      > As far as your travails with the flatteners, what I am more interested
      > in and expect (from some enterprising person) is to rather than keep
      > making a flattener for every dang scope out there and then fight to get
      > it perfectly mounted and centered, instead write a software which
      > electronically "bends" any image, tilting the planes of the tangential
      > and sagittal planes in virtual space to align them across the image and
      > correct for Petzval curvature in the computer. It can be done.
      > Now that I've told you that, anyone who steals my idea without paying me
      > for my intellectual property will have a long talk with my two friends,
      > Smith and Wesson! :)
      > WayneG
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