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31676Re: My best ever M45, with TMB 80mm - Epilogue

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  • digidodi
    Sep 1, 2006
      Thanks Wayne...

      The problem is, I would like to be around 500mmm focal length, which
      would be better for most images, but I have already 9 months a Televue
      flattener 1.1 on order, which does not arrive, and nobody seems to be
      able to deliver one. So I decided I had to move on.

      Of course I will regret, but as mentioned, can't have it all ;).


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      > Subject: [tmboptical] My best ever M45, with TMB 80mm - Epilogue
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      > This will also be few of the last images with my TMB 80mm as I found a
      > used FSQ, which will offer me a bit more focal length.
      > [WG:] Shame, Dodi, your images thru the TMB 80 have been (including
      > those two in this post) among the best pictures I've ever seen taken,
      > irregardless of aperture, and almost stunning considering the small 80mm
      > size. That says a lot. They always looked like a much larger
      > instrument had been used.
      > Maybe you've run out of good things to shoot at the F.L. of the 80 and
      > it is time to move on, but I know you will always miss the 80 and regret
      > not still having it.
      > Thanks for the many spectacular views provided over the years with it;
      > I still have the one you took with your dog in the foreground looking up
      > at the sky--- his memorial shot! (From one pet owner to another)
      > WayneG
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