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31674RE: [tmboptical] My best ever M45, with TMB 80mm - Epilogue

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  • Wayne G
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Subject: [tmboptical] My best ever M45, with TMB 80mm - Epilogue
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      This will also be few of the last images with my TMB 80mm as I found a
      used FSQ, which will offer me a bit more focal length.

      [WG:] Shame, Dodi, your images thru the TMB 80 have been (including
      those two in this post) among the best pictures I've ever seen taken,
      irregardless of aperture, and almost stunning considering the small 80mm
      size. That says a lot. They always looked like a much larger
      instrument had been used.

      Maybe you've run out of good things to shoot at the F.L. of the 80 and
      it is time to move on, but I know you will always miss the 80 and regret
      not still having it.

      Thanks for the many spectacular views provided over the years with it;
      I still have the one you took with your dog in the foreground looking up
      at the sky--- his memorial shot! (From one pet owner to another)

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