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31435My TMB 152 for Sale

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  • adventures_in_astrophotography
    Aug 2, 2006
      Various conflicts, commitments, and interests have combined to limit
      my dark sky time to only three outings in the last two years.
      Because of this, I've decided to reduce my investment in the hobby,
      and am offering my TMB 152 and some other items here before they go
      up on AstroMart some time next week. If anyone is interested, please
      contact me off-list at either of the following email addresses:

      TMB 152 f/7.9 triplet APO refractor "classic" CNC OTA, including:
      Finder bracket and new, unused 7x50 finder.
      Medium format field flattener.
      Extension tube, end caps.
      Pentax 67 camera mount with Borg adapter for most film or digital
      SLRs, or 2" nosepieces.
      Kendrick dew heater for OTA.
      Top and bottom Losmandy DAP 17.5 mounting plates.
      All in custom Thermodyne Shok-Stop case, with wheels and pressure
      relief valve.

      Mountain Instruments MI-250 non-GoTo German equatorial mount,
      Casady 12" tip-in dovetail saddle plate w/ extra long knobs for MI-
      250, also fits G-11.
      Casady counterweight bar accepts all Losmandy G-11 counterweights,
      with safety stop washer.
      Original MI threaded counterweight bar.
      One 21 lb counterweight.
      ATS portable pier, 8" x 36". Mis-drilled by original owner, but
      doesn't affect function.
      Unused JMI NGC Mini-Max digital setting circles, never installed.

      Fuji GW690 III 6x9 rangefinder 90mm f/3.5 fixed lens camera.
      Film roll counter at 21.

      Thanks for any interest,

      Jon Kolb