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29956Re: CNC 4 inch focuser modification

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  • mrgrytt
    Feb 1, 2006
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      Hi Wayne,

      --- In tmboptical@yahoogroups.com, "Wayne G" <fomalhaut@...> wrote:
      > [WG: ] I've been looking into doing this as well to my own 152
      > for a few years now, as sometimes my rotating section can go from
      > turning very easy and smooth to being suddenly jammed up so tight
      > that no effort at forward movement helps and I end up knocking the
      > whole scope out of position and losing the object trying to get it
      > loose again.
      > I always intend to look into the matter 'later' but end up putting
      > the scope away and forgetting about it until the next time I take it
      > out! :^)

      I remember our discussions about this issue some time ago.
      Perhaps you'll be able to come up with an even easier method of
      correcting the problem. If you do, it will be good news for everyone
      who owns one of the original TMB optical tubes.
      It was actually pretty easy to see what was needed to do the job.
      The hard part was figuring out how to do it without loosing any
      outward drawtube travel. That was accomplished, but it made the "fix"
      a bit more sophistocated than originally thought.
      Be sure and let us know what you come up with if you find an
      additional way to correct it. Also, be sure and get the full details
      on the existing "fix". If you do your own machining you could
      probably handle it very easily, should you decide to do it that way.
      With the present modification I honestly think you could rotate
      the focuser at 500 RPM overnight with 10 pounds on it while aimed at
      the Zenith and it would still be perfect in the morning. It is worth
      looking at before you do something else.

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