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28772Re: [tmboptical] Re: Deimos in the 175/8

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  • Mike C
    Nov 2, 2005
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      > I think Herschel used PS when he sketched too, or was it MS Paint?
      > :-)

      Must of been PS, Herschel was a devout Macintosh user. He would roll over in
      his grave if he heard his name being bantered about in the same statement as
      "MS".... (pssst.... I use MS XP myself)

      >> http://www.scopenews.com/tmb175/mars/mars1101_deimos.jpg
      > Nice image and an interesting technique.


      I don't like to make the images this big but Eric asked nicely. I paint them
      big and then shrink them down. Smaller images are more like the eyepiece
      and hide more of the sins of it being an "impression". For example, the
      north edge of Sinus Sabaeus in my drawing -- I couldn't see those exact
      lumps on it, but during best seeing I did see a sharply defined and lumpy
      edge to it. My drawing tries to communicate the impression of lumps on the
      north edge, not the exact size and location of the lumps. :) You start
      making your planetary drawings huge and it gives the viewer a false
      impression as to accuracy, feature placement, and what the feeling is like
      at the eyepiece.

      > Once Jupiter returns, I have a round, white pebble I found that, with
      > some color pencil marks will make a good rendition of the planet.
      > Tim

      Now that's a cool idea. Must be a big pebble ! If I'm not mistaken,
      Herschel started with pebble models, but ended up working a pottery wheel at
      the eyepiece. Try it... :)

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