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28751Re: Deimos in the 175/8

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  • Tube Tim
    Nov 1, 2005
      >--- In tmboptical@yahoogroups.com, "Mike C" <mike@s...> wrote:

      Another nice observing report Mike. With all the glare from Mars it's
      amazing you're able to see Deimios. I gave it up for a lost cause
      but will try next time. Your previous post and picture with the
      equipment frosted up put chills down my spin. You'll be happy to know
      it was 70F here last night and clear. I couldn't stay up for Mars


      > I've been watching Mars.. again.. At 396x in a pair of 6mm monocentric
      > eyepieces, I can easily lock on to Deimos and hold it in averted
      > with Mars sitting there lighting up the eyepiece a good bit. If I
      > Mars just out of the eyepiece, Deimos becomes dead obvious. I can
      > grab it with direct vision then, but not quite.
      > The show changes fast !
      > While watching Sinus Sabaeus crawl across Mars, I just knew it had
      to be a
      > martian moon that kept popping in and out of sight off the port bow. In
      > order to determine what it was, I noted it's distance from Mars in
      > Mars-widths, and what angle it was at relative to Syrtis Major and
      > Sabaeus. Came inside, ID'd it as Deimos using Skytools-2, and then
      warmed up
      > for half an hour. Deimos has obviously moved a bit on return.
      > You can see it's pretty well off of Mars as I've seen it tonight
      (white dot
      > to the right:)
      > http://makeashorterlink.com/?T2FF1241C
      > Phobos really burns up the tires. Its crossing Mars right now, which
      I think
      > takes a bit under an hour. I'm planning on defeating it as well
      > about 120 minutes from now. Unless it's in the birch trees.
      > Mike
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