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28741Re: [tmboptical] Deimos in the 175/8

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  • Mike C
    Nov 1, 2005
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      > Phobos really burns up the tires. Its crossing Mars right now, which I
      > think
      > takes a bit under an hour. I'm planning on defeating it as well tonight,
      > about 120 minutes from now. Unless it's in the birch trees.
      > Mike

      OK, so Phobos wins for tonight.

      Seeing has degraded a bit, and after a couple hours sitting out at 10
      degrees F, aluminum parts are starting to hurt the fingers. At some point,
      the work required to bring all the gear back inside is realized to be about
      equal with what's left in you.

      I will have my way with Phobos this apparition I tell you!
      Good night!
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