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28740Deimos in the 175/8

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  • Mike C
    Nov 1, 2005
      I've been watching Mars.. again.. At 396x in a pair of 6mm monocentric
      eyepieces, I can easily lock on to Deimos and hold it in averted vision,
      with Mars sitting there lighting up the eyepiece a good bit. If I shift
      Mars just out of the eyepiece, Deimos becomes dead obvious. I can almost
      grab it with direct vision then, but not quite.

      The show changes fast !

      While watching Sinus Sabaeus crawl across Mars, I just knew it had to be a
      martian moon that kept popping in and out of sight off the port bow. In
      order to determine what it was, I noted it's distance from Mars in
      Mars-widths, and what angle it was at relative to Syrtis Major and Sinus
      Sabaeus. Came inside, ID'd it as Deimos using Skytools-2, and then warmed up
      for half an hour. Deimos has obviously moved a bit on return.

      You can see it's pretty well off of Mars as I've seen it tonight (white dot
      to the right:)

      Phobos really burns up the tires. Its crossing Mars right now, which I think
      takes a bit under an hour. I'm planning on defeating it as well tonight,
      about 120 minutes from now. Unless it's in the birch trees.

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