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28291Re: [tmboptical] 203mm TMB achromat refractor

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  • Mike C
    Oct 1, 2005
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      > Since receiving my 152mm achro over a month ago, I've absolutely
      > fallen in love with this scope. Needless to say the 9.25 C SCT hasn't
      > seen much use. Just out of curiosity, is the TMB 203 mm achromat still
      > available? If not, what did they go for new, just in case one should
      > become available sometime used. I came across this guys website and
      > this scope is awesome... he's done a great job constructing his
      > observatory too:
      > http://www.hobbies.privateweb.at/astro-light/TMB.htm
      > Thanks guys,
      > John

      The 203 f/6 refractor (and OTA) was about $5000. I'd imagine the longer 203
      would be about the same, or a few thousand $$ more if it was in the CNC
      tube with 4" focuser. I threw a page up for Markus back then showing some
      pictures of the f/6:

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